Dash Point Social Improvement Club Membership Form

All are welcome to become Dash Point Social Improvement Club (DPSIC) members. Each person will be classified as either a Voting member or Associate member. Voting members are exclusive to those who currently reside within the Dash Point Community (Click here to see voting eligibility boundaries).


DPSIC Membership Benefits 

          –  Participate in the annual DPSIC Scholarship (more info in scholarship page).
          –  Vote at DPSIC meetings (Voting membership only).
          –  Receive neighborhood updates and online publication “The Ripples”.
          –  Share your voice at meetings with other members. 
          –  Support and Volunteer in Dash Point Community events and programs.

Membership Fees


                          Voting member  ———————————————————————————— $10/year per person

                          Associate member ——————————————————————————– $10/year per person 

                          (Example: 3-person family = $30 / year)


Online Membership Registration

                To know which membership to sign up for, please take a look at (voting members eligibility boundaries).

                           – Sign up for VOTING MEMBERSHIP
                           – Sign up for ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP


Downloadable Registration Form 

– Download and Mail in Registration Form