Eligibility for Voting Membership

DPSIC Membership is available to all. However, voting membership is only offered to those who currently live in the Dash Point community. (See eligibility boundaries below). Anyone may become an Associate member even if he/she resides outside of the below boundaries.

(**Gray shading shows the DPSIC VOTING Membership Area**)

Dash Point Boundaries are defined in the DPSIC Bylaws Article II Section 1 & Map appendix A as:

Beginning with the Northwest corner of Dash Point Government Meander Line to the Northeasterly bank of the Caledonia Creek, the once easterly along said bank to its interception of the line dividing unincorporated Pierce County and the City of Tacoma, thence Northerly along this line to the North side of the 6000 block of Beverly Heights, thence Easterly along this line until it intercepts the Westerly boundary of Dash Point State Park, continuing Southeasterly Along the Dash Point State Park boundary to include Dash Point Estates on 55th Street N.E. and 36th Avenue Court N.E. in unincorporated Pierce County, thence Northwesterly along this line to the point of beginning.