Dash Point History

The Dash Point Social and Improvement Club began it’s incorporation in 1907!

Dash Point provided a healthy summer retreat from a fast growing city of Tacoma, attracting developments and permanent residents after sale of Puyallup Indian patent deeds were allowed by the State.  In association with State, Pierce County and Park agencies, on donated landowner property, a hearty community helped build docks (4th exists today) and a Community Park with a clay tennis court (now MPD).  In addition, with donations of land and materials, a clubhouse was built @1912 for social activities including dances, parties, concerts and numerous plays. A Brunswick Panatrope was also donated for the clubhouse. Important community meetings were held there throughout many years.  (The clubhouse and property was sold in 1982, razed and homes are now built on the property).

Access to Dash Point was via Julia’s Gulch road over the hill, or by boats until 1921 when the club helped develop the road from Tacoma along the waterfront (eventually Marine View Highway from Olympia to Blaine). Club members advocated for schools, roads, water supply and electricity improvements to Dash Point.

Yearly summer community activities at the Dock began in 1927 with “Hoop te doo” clam chowder bakes, followed by ham and pot luck dinners.  After a 40 foot High Dive was donated, Dock Dinners became two day events with a carnival like atmosphere.  This continued until 1940 when war interrupted, and later continued with the donation of a barbeque spit as Beef Dock Dinners which were held yearly, with boat races, beauty contests, and then bi-yearly gatherings until the final dinner was served in 1981. Everyone seemed to pitch in to help our or eat out in support of the events!

So not to be overlooked, I want to mention that the Dash Point Club’s “Ladies Seaside Auxiliary” was instrumental in financial improvements made as well as fundraising and organizing activities of the DPSIC throughout the years.

Dash Point Dock Tree Lighting began @early 1950’s which has grown into a current tradition with children caroling, cookies and hot drinks, a bonfire and a visit from Santa on a firetruck.

Past organized activities by the Club have been Golf tournaments, pancake breakfasts, and Labor Day slow pitch games “Hill Billys” vs. “Beach Bums” ending of late with lack of a baseball field suitable for play (now a graveled parking lot).

Dash Point Days continue with the Fun Run which began in 1998, followed by a picnic at the Dock.  DP Ladies Luncheons are held in the fall.  Informative meetings are being held, important work done and Dash Point continues to be part of a larger community of voices and friendships.  Many families are longstanding. My own children grew up here as 5th generation.  The DPSIC Board of Directors continues to carry on important work and provide for traditional social activities.  More info:  www.dashpoint.org

Jill Barkley/Resident       Source of information “Two Points of View” by Mavis Stears,  Dash Point Ripples newsletters and collections by Points NE Historical Society